10 March 2013

i like this hafiz poem and think it should be essential reading for anyone involved in self-inquiry... and by self-inquiry i mean an intentional and relentless confronting of the unconscious aspects of the self as a model for encounter with all mysteries, and not navel-gazing for the purposes of self-edification and persona glamour.... here's the poem and much thanks to alison mackie for sharing it this morning...

The small man
Builds cages for everyone
While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long
For the


try as we might, we can't sever ourselves as individuals from our primary context as a living community... in the same way, we can't disregard our very real participation in a fully human yet personal experience. so while we may pick and choose our way through life based on opinion and other temporary seizures of mind, there are certain facts of life we cannot avoid by choice or other election.

researching the inner realm of outer space through meditation, movement, active imagination, dream journaling or other practices, there's much benefit in adopting an egalitarian, open-minded view towards our own mind chatter, its impulses and points of view, and all the many sub-personalities this high tech low wisdom fracture of 21stC consciousness breeds in us.

so when we build a mental cage that paints the world both within and out in hues of behaviour and belief we think ourselves separate and immune to, we create a self-concept that serves as a lens, distorting perception, creating secondary consequence, and more limited opportunity to see the truth of ourselves and the plight of all that lives.

keep dropping keys.

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