02 November 2013

i was always keen to avoid doing things because of my outstanding situational awareness of the set-up of appearances. why make things worse for oneself by incurring unnecessary social and political complications? then i would do things precisely because they would make the world of my construction judge me and find me wanting but in a completely incorrect manner, all because of its unexamined reliance on the set-up of appearances... the reasoning went, and for ease i'll just use myself as an example, if you want to think the worst of me, go ahead and think this conclusion i'll right now make easy for you... and since its just your own wish to see me this way that i'm encouraging, i haven't deceived you, i'm educating you. as to your lens. in the meantime, having intentionally shat where i eat as all magicians periodically do, yes, i have to take on false stories that serve lower forms of energy, everyone does. but what i get out of it is freedom of manifestation... i get to call upon the deeper instincts in life as to right course of action. i don't have to constantly appeal to the mind in search of machiavellian solutions to the power dances of the day. i blame winner culture, the hangover of making commerce king.

i've learned by observing others and myself when caught up in the realm called , 'what other people think,' that it absolutely marks the start of warriorship to step out of that psychic world of corpse smog and pretty mirrors. its where politicians and advertisers and lobbyists and corporate apologia lives.

it would be folly to forget that, despite our fevered commitment to individuality, we are a collective mass. this means all of us, at some point or other, come to see that even our noble selves have mind-forged manacles of every kind. and sometimes when they get yanked we can't object, we can't let the world of our construction drag us down to its level of resonance, we must rise, we must dance.

so dance well ! this only means your best which is everything.

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