05 October 2012

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." [Jiddu Krishnamurti]

why buy the big show of shadows on the wall? the 'art world,' like the 'music scene,' has become mere affected stance, struck for the express and obvious purpose of subtextual bonding/wounding play and other sorts of hierarchical power-gaming. it used to be that movements in art or genres in music emerged in places and faces spontaneously and without leading notions of advantage and image. the muse arose like a spiritual fire within a deep, previously unorganized collective, demanding multi-form embodiments of but a small, temporal sliver of her infinite fractal parts.

with the regurgitation of this experience through modern age generations, an empty self-consciousness has taken hold and now precedes genuine creative spark in its anticipations of glorified mimicry and peer acceptance. mesmerized by the outside view on the creative acts themselves, the majority can't but trance their way into fashionable activities and materials. like the risk of stupor, watching too much fire and storytelling, we're now gorging on the drug of forms, avoiding the self-encounter and pinglish confrontations that genuine artistic journeying requires.

the muse that can never be named seeks to upset what has gone before, what has lost its authentic disturbance, its power to transmit, provoke, and transform. in small ways, giving vent to this valuation, this niggling perspective on the hollow drum of these self-congratulatory interests now called 'scenes' (but really more akin courtly cliques), can become the start of warriorship in action for anyone who dares to push into the winds, swim upstream, or otherwise go against the grain.

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